Super-Hero! Confidence & Resilience for business owners and staff

Confidence and resilience are two key factors that help to ensure business owners and their staff successfully stay positive, manage and overcome various challenges small businesses face. The ever-growing change and uncertainty of running a business, especially during and a post lockdown world, require you and your teams to successfully manage these challenges and overcome them in a positive manner that keeps the momentum and motivation. Failure to do so have led to stress, anxiety, poor performance and morale and at worst days of sickness and impact on mental health and wellbeing.  Therefore, it’s become a high priority to build and maintain strong work practices and cultures underpinned by effective Confidence & Resilience.

In this practical and engaging short talk Professional Business & Confidence Coach, Lateef Badat of ALB Business & Confidence Coaching will share will show you how to bullet proof your confidence, maintain your resilience and think more positively, despite the challenge’s life and business throws at you?

Since COVID-19 increased client demand has led Lateef to work with more business owners and their staff on maintaining a Positive Mindset, tools and techniques to deal with and manage stress and anxiety, improve confidence and getting their MoJo back to improve overall mental health & wellbeing.

Lateef is a SFEDI / IOEE qualified business mentor, advisor and coach specialising in helping creative, digital, media and tech business owners and their staff to transform their mindset and unlock their potential.  Lateef inspires lasting change that helps drive the business and people forward through dynamic one to one coaching and webinars / workshops.

Location: LIVE Seminar Area sponsored by Success IQ Elite Date: 2nd November 2021 Time: 1:45 pm - 2:15 pm Lateef Badat Warrington Business Show Lateef Badat